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James has been receiving praise and applause from Festivals, Cabaret Theatres, Bars, Corporate Parties and yes Kids Birthday Parties all over the world. It does not matter where he is, his act is sure to please.

His life has been spent developing a unique blend of comedy, magic, music and juggling

James has also produced several of his own shows. This knowledge and experience give him a real grasp on how hard you work to make your show a success. He is always willing to share that experience with you to make your job as a producer just a little bit easier.


James makes a great M.C. because he has the material to fill in any dead spaces, and the professionalism and production experience to make sure the entire evening flows seamlessly and flawlessly.

Vancouver Plank Magazine

Valerie Ostara

"You will be amazed. You will be astounded. You definitely will laugh and cheer, ooh and aah..."

Edmonton Journal

Michael Hingston

"A fast-paced firecracker..."

The Saskatoon Starphoenix

Andrea Hill

"humorous, lighthearted and fast-paced"

Edmonton Vue Weekly

Paul Matmychuk

"kid friendly fun..."

Victoria Marble

Joshua Collis

"(James Jordan) will leave you in stitches..."

Edmonton Sun

Collin Maclean

"I was so busy watching him create magic on stage and laughing at the results that I neglected to write much down.  But then, a note in a pad or a review in the paper could never capture the lighthearted sense of fun and magic James Jordan creates on stage."

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