Cups And Balls

Packed with amazing magic and clever comedy, James has perfected the classic cups and balls routine to a full stage or street show. What seems like one trick, is actually a series of effects routined and choreographed to fill a full 30-45 minute show.

Magic Manipulation

Packs Small, Plays Big. Perfect act for a cabaret or variety show. Skilled juggling, amazing magic, and funny physical comedy make the perfect recipe for fun. 

Danger Magic.

James has also invented the worlds most dangerous card trick. Blindfolded and bare-handed, James works his fingers through a minefield of mousetraps to find one signed card. Dramatic, Hillarious and a truly Amazing finalle.

Magic and Juggling

James Jordan is a multi-talented performer, he seamlessley blends magic with juggleing and comedy to create a truly unique performance. 

Balloon Animals

James Jordan can also make balloon animals, but more importantly he can make balloon animals funny!


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